Marketing of personal computers and desktop computers and accessories of printers, scanners, projectors and computer networks and the implementation of studies prepared for customers as well as wholesale sales, which is the sales of spare parts of computers, printers and monitors, also supports the Department of Sales in the provision of after-sales services.​

Maintenance of desktop and laptop computers and accessories of printers, scanners and projectors and the work of technical support and the implementation of maintenance contracts with various bodies, whether governmental or private.

Networking Department is responsible for the study, design and implementation of computer networks of any kind among customers of different categories. The Department consists of a group of network engineers and technicians with extensive experience in this field.

Software department is designs systems according to the needs of customers from government agencies or companies and institutions and takes from the strongest databases, Oracle starting point for the design of all systems required by customers, and includes a group of programmers and system analysts with high competencies and extensive experience In this area .

Our solutions yield benefit in Internet-facing, corporate and hybrid environments with a focus on optimization and expansion no matter the industry they operate in.

Projects Section supervises all projects implemented by the company such as maintenance and operation projects and procurement projects, all government projects, through a qualified group of engineers, technicians and administrators.

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